Why Buy An E-Bike Online?

It’s fast, easy, and significantly cheaper. We don’t have a storefront with utilities and sales people on payroll. We just have this website and it’s much cheaper in comparison. We pass those savings along to our customers. More of what you pay for goes toward the product and you receive a better value over all.

No Hidden Fees

When buying a bike by traditional methods much of what you pay goes to paying a dealer. By shopping with us directly you’re not paying any dealer fees and we don’t need to mark up the products to pay any third parties.

Free Shipping

Our products are delivered to your door. Shipping is always free no matter where in the continental US you may be. The bikes comes with all of the tools you need to assemble them. There’s no need to drive miles to a bike store and worry about how you’re going to fit the box in your car. We take care of it all for you. We make the bike buying experience truly painless and accessible to everyone.

We're Always Here

A store is a place. Online is everywhere. We’re in your pocket or on your computer. If you need us we’re always here to provide VIP level support to every customer. We work day and night to make sure that every customer is happy with their purchase and any issue that arise are resolve quickly and efficiently. We never stop working for you.