Ride With Confidence

Nifty Cycle (Joe Knows, LLC) gives you peace of mind by standing behind your purchase with a limited warranty that covers the drive unit, battery, and frame for 1 year. Ride confidently knowing that Nifty Cycle has you covered.

NIFTY Cycle Limited Warranty

  • Covered Products
  • This warranty only applies to products that have been manufactured or sold by Joe Knows, LLC or authorized dealers.
  • This warranty applies only to replacement or repair of products in the case of a manufacturing flaw or defect.
  • This warranty is not transferable in any way. Only the original buyer is able to obtain warranty service.

Warranty Period

  • Battery packs are covered for 1 year for defects only. We do not cover wear and tear.
  • All other components are covered for 1 year. Again, this does not include wear and tear. Only manufacturing defects.
  • This warranty applies from the date the buyer accepts delivery of the product.
  • We will cover the shipping costs of replacing defective parts during the warranty period. However, we will not cover return shipping of any parts if that is required.

Warranty Exclusions

The intent of this warranty is to provide the buyer with a guarantee of the quality of our products sold in new condition. It is not an insurance policy for damage after the product was received. In the following instances the warranty will not be honored:

  • Warranty claims not made according to the outlined process.
  • Products with technical alterations.
  • Products using non-original parts.
  • Damage to products due to weather.
  • Damage to products due to wear and tear.
  • Theft, robbery, or vandalism.
  • Improper use.
  • Incidental damage or injury.
  • Improperly transported products.
  • Products used above their weight limit.
  • Products not manufactured by us.
  • Products damadged by improper maintenance.
  • Any electronic component that has been disassembled or opened.
  • Products that have been repaired without our authorization.
  • Damage resulting from an accident.
  • Products that are used for any commerical purpose.
  • Damage caused by cleaning.
  • Damage caused by a third party battery or charger.
  • Orders placed outside of the US.

Warranty Claim Process

  • If a component is suspect of being defective do not attempt to replace it as doing so will void your warranty. You must contact us before attempting a repair.
  • Contact us through the contact form on our website.
  • We will reply to you with a repair plan.
  • Proof of purchase is required to obtain any warranty service.

Shipping Damage Claims

We will not accept shipment damage claims after 14 days after the delivery has been made. By not contacting us in this time frame the buyer agrees that the product recieved no shipping damage.