Included Technology

Our Phillosophy

Operating the bike has been designed as intuitively as possible. The best tools are those that get the task at hand done efficiently without much of a learning curve.

Speed & Distance

Our display keeps track of your speed (MPH  or KM/H) and distance (KM). The odometer is easily reset to keep track of individual trips.

Power & Charge

A power bar at the top allows the rider to keep track of the power being pulled from the battery in real time. This allows for targeting certain fitness goals or reducing power consumption so that range can be stretched as far as possible.

A battery charge indicator shows the rider how much charge is remaining in the battery.

Assist Level

5 Levels of assist are easily set. When the riders starts pedaling the motor turns on and provides a boost of power based on this setting. A thumb throttle is also available to send power to the motor when the riders wants in the amount desired.

Light Your Path

A bright LED headlight and tail light is turned on with the display buttons. These are bright enough to navigate by.

When the lights are turned on the display backlight is also enabled.