About NIFTY Cycle


We aspire to help build a world where people drive less, are more social, healthier, a less divided. We believe that transportation lies at the center of our daily lives and cars have driven us apart. We can’t fix the world but we can make the best bikes we can and that’s a small step in the right direction.


We imagine a world where people can be people and not the metal boxes they drive around in. E-bikes are a more personal form of mobility and we want to be part of creating a world that is more authentic.


There are some things you can’t put a price tag on. Some companies sell a product. We want to sell a means to create memories that last a lifetime.

Established in 2010

NIFTY Cycle is a brand of Joe Knows, LLC. We’ve been in business since April of 2010. We began work on our e-bike product line in 2019.

Joe Knows, LLC got its name from our first brand, Joe Knows Electronics. That brand still operates today as one of the largest electronic component suppliers online in the United States. We know the ins and outs of electronics so we know what it takes to make a quality electronics product.